mercredi 26 octobre 2011

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L'arrêt de réacteurs nucléaires allemands menacerait cet hiver la France de pannes d'électricité

Exportatrice d'électricité durant presque toute l'année, la France est néanmoins importatrice lors des grands pics quotidiens l'hiver notamment autour de 19 heures. A cause du chauffage électrique, l'Hexagone est aussi le pays d'Europe dont la consommation augmente le plus par grand froid : pour chaque degré de température extérieure en moins, 2 300 mégawatts de puissance supplémentaire sont nécessaires, soit plus de deux réacteurs nucléaires, selon le transporteur d'électricité RTE.

First geothermal mapping report confirms vast coast-to-coast clean energy source

New research from SMU’s Geothermal Laboratory, funded by a grant from, documents significant geothermal resources across the United States capable of producing more than three million megawatts of green power - 10 times the installed capacity of coal power plants today.

Team says Arctic ice shelf broke up before

Now however, new research by a team from Université Laval in Canada, led by Dermot Antoniadesa, have found, after studying sedimentary material on the bottom of the Disraeli Fiord, created by backup from an ice shelf in Northern Canada, that it experienced a major fracture that resulted in an overall reduction of the ice shelf some 1,400 years ago.

Breakthrough furnace can cut solar costs

NREL researchers continue to improve the furnace and expect it to be able soon to hike the efficiency by 4 percentage points, a large leap in an industry that measures its successes a half a percentage point at a time. "Our calculations show that some material that is at 16 percent efficiency now is capable of reaching 20 percent if we take advantage of these photonic effects," NREL Principal Engineer Bhushan Sopori said. "That's huge."

Northern lights take unusual trip down south

Space weather forecast chief Bob Rutledge said given the size of the solar storm that occurred last night, the lights probably shouldn't have been visible south of Iowa. Rutledge said the storm was unusual, its effects reaching Earth faster than forecast. The storm caused no damage to technology as it sometimes does.

Japan parliament hit by China-based cyberattack

Computers in Japan's lower house of parliament were hit by cyberattacks from a server based in China that left information exposed for at least a month, a report said Tuesday. The government's top spokesman Osamu Fujimura, pictured in September 2011, said he was not previously aware of the reported attack but that the government was investigating the issue.
Computers in Japan's lower house of parliament were hit by cyberattacks from a server based in China that left information exposed for at least a month, a report said Tuesday.

Japan cyberattackers may have military info: report

Mitsubishi Heavy said late last month that 83 computers at 11 of its facilities had been hit by cyberattacks but no leakage of information on products and technologies had been confirmed.

New approach to solar power with hybrid solar-thermoelectric systems

The novel arrangement proposed by Wang and graduate student Nenad Miljkovic embeds a thermoelectric system in the central tube of a parabolic-trough system so that it produces both hot water and electricity at the same time. The key to making this work is a device called a thermosiphon that draws heat away from the “cold” part of a thermoelectric system, maintaining its temperature gradient.

Neutron ray measured in Tokyo — Uranium-235 found in Chiba — Can’t be detected by most geiger counters (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyo in Matsudo

Gov’t confirms 57.7 microsievert/hr near Tokyo is linked to Fukushima meltdowns — “Highly likely” it came from rain tainted with radioactive fallout

Japanese communities record Chernobyl-level radiation( video ABC Australia - MUST SEEN !)

Interview: Local says ‘unlisted’ Fukushima radiation workers held captive until they die, then marked as ‘missing’ — Police guards also dying (VIDEO in japanese)

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  1. Dans la même veine:

    Leurs données sur les régions en guerre sont sans doute "off", mais l'article a le mérite de rappeler la situation de "collapse" dans les pays qui sont officiellement en paix.

    And of course no post is ever complete without a link to BAotW!

    BAotW: Don Alejo Garza Tamez

  2. Loup, est-ce que est le même projet de "village in a kit" bien connu, sous un autre nom ? Ou il s'agit d'un remake ?

    Vu chez Rawles: Military Medical Course Downloads : J'ai survolé les titres, ça semble plus "medical" que "military", ça ratisse très large.

  3. La pression monte encore un peu sur la Syrie (qui est devenue un "importateur net" de brut if I'm not mistaken, et peut servir de pivot stratégique pour ensuite s'attaquer aussi à l'Iran):

    Il semble que les manifs à la Ghandi laissent la place à une rebellion armée, vu l'escalade des dernières 24 heures: entre 20 et 40 soldats syriens tués selon les sources.

    La Syrie réagit en prédisant un séisme régional si les occidentaux tentent de bombarder comme ils l'ont fait en Lybie.

    Ce conflit me semble encore plus important que ce qui s'est passé en Lybie: la Syrie elle-même n'est pas un acteur significatif du monde pétrolier, mais l'issue des tentatives de destabilisation Syrie/Iran péseront beaucoup dans la balance pour controler les pays producteurs, and decide if the western countries can "buy" another couple years of looting or if they're gonna have to live within their means sooner as they're run out of conquerable oil producers.

  4. La Belgique confirme sa sortie du nucléaire à partir de 2015 : bon à entendre mais il reste énormément à faire encore, les western civies attendront probablement le prochain Fukushi-Miles-Nobyl avant de se décider à accélérer le mouvement de mise en cold shutdown des 430 bombes sales réparties dans l'hémisphère nord (principalement).

  5. Une banque grecque affirme que l'euro est déjà mort: “I believe that the European monetary union doesn’t exist anymore,” Onat said in an interview in Istanbul today. “I think it already collapsed but no one has said it yet. Now we are in a deadlock. One of the world’s major reserve currencies will disappear.”

    Beaucoup de prédictions se sont succédées ces dernières années: le dollar va s'effondrer d'abord, non c'est l'euro qui va lancer le mouvement ..etc; donc pour moi c'est "wait'n'see".

  6. The latest from Dmitry:

    What caused me to write the initial article was the financial collapse of 2008, which was shaping up to be a game-ender for Western finance. It still is, I believe. (..)
    The effect of the interventions since then, in the US and in Europe, has been to knock down every firewall between public and private finance, to the point that now we are faced with two monstrous, and monstrously sick, conjoined twins, and the death any one of them is sure to spell the death of the other.
    The effect, I think, will be to compress financial and political collapse into a single chaotic episode. Commercial collapse will not be far behind, because global commerce is dependent on global finance, and once international credit locks up the tankers and the container ships won't sail. Shortly thereafter it will be lights out.

    The Five Stages of Collapse was a nice theory. If only we had been so lucky! I am writing this to warn you: don't look for anything quite so tidy. Oh, and happy Halloween!

    Les commentaires sont bien aussi sur son blog.

    Sinon ce soir à 22h45 Canal+ diffuse le documentaire "les enfants de Fallujah". Peut-être que ça peut être accédé en streaming pour nous autres internautes ?

    En tout cas l'Irak pour moi c'est un exemple de plus qui illustre ce qui arrive aux communautés qui se concentrent sur l'accumulation de stuff (oil wealth, dans le cas des producteurs comme l'Irak) sans se concentrer aussi sur la marksmanship, pour défendre leur wealth de la jalousie des e.g. yankees...

  7. A marquer dans les calendriers: la PPL2929 sera examinée le 08 décembre.....